Our Story

Thanks for stopping by KIDSPACE to see the many wonderful things we have to offer your family. KIDSPACE was created out of a beautiful friendship between two little boys, Ethan and Kyle. My best friend, Dr. Vallone, and I would get the boys together each week to play; Kyle is my son and Ethan is her grandson. The boys loved to play happily together and teaching opportunities would naturally arise during the play. We would take advantage of these times and work on the boy’s individual goals. As they began making strides in every area of development, we realized that they weren’t the only ones learning- we were too and it was ALL THROUGH PLAY! Even more importantly, we noticed an increase in compassion, attention, and pure enjoyment for all of us.

Dr. Vallone and I started talking about opening a play place for children with special needs. A place where children and their families could be themselves, have fun and work on functional goals.

At this point, Dr. Vallone had had a thriving pediatric chiropractic practice for 20 years and I had been happily working as a Recreational Therapist serving people with traumatic brain injury. Though we both had successful careers, we knew there was something more we were meant to do and we decided to take this leap of faith. We were very excited to begin this new adventure. Our goal was to gather like minded professionals; those who care deeply for children and their families and understand the financial burden these families face. These professionals would also have to have the mindset that the child comes first, he/she must feel safe and welcome at all times in our environment and we would join them in their play as a beginning to therapeutic sessions.

We have expanded over the years to welcome Dr. Miela Gruber-Cooley. Dr. Gruber-Cooley is a dedicated, loving naturopathic physician who specializes in children with neurological impairments. We are also thrilled to have Dr. Faraneh Carnegie-Hargreaves join us this past year. Dr. Faraneh is a chiropractic physician who studied under Dr. Vallone for several years. She is welcoming new patients of all ages.

Today KIDSPACE is 7 years old and we have just moved into a facility that is about 5 times the size of the first place! Our population is growing daily and are hallways are bustling with the sounds of happy children. We have played with hundreds of children and have seen so much progress over these past seven years. It is such a joyful experience to work with these children and their families and look forward to continuing to build our KIDSPACE family!