Our Story

KIDSPACE was created out of a beautiful friendship between two little boys, Ethan, Dr. Vallone’s grandson and Kyle, Karen’s son. Dr. Vallone and Karen would get the boys together each week to play. They loved their time together and teaching opportunities would naturally arise during their play. Dr. Vallone and Karen would take advantage of these opportunities and work on the boys’ individual goals. As they began making strides in every area of development, Dr. Vallone and Karen realized that the boys weren’t the only ones learning – they were too and it was ALL THROUGH PLAY! More importantly, they noticed an increase in compassion, attention, and pure enjoyment in all.

It was then that Dr. Vallone and Karen began talking about opening a practice for children with special needs. A place where children and their families could be themselves, have fun, and work toward functional goals.

At the time, Dr. Vallone had had a thriving pediatric chiropractic practice for 20 years and Karen was working as a Recreational Therapist for people with traumatic brain injuries. They eagerly embarked on this new venture, hoping to attract other professionals who care deeply for children and their families, and who appreciate that the child comes first and they should feel safe and welcome at all times.

Over the years, KIDSPACE has expanded to welcome Dr. Faraneh Carnegie-Hargreaves, DC and Dr. Lindsey Wells, ND who work with patients of all ages. We continue to prioritize joy as we work toward our families’ goals.