Fee Update


As of January 1, 2017:

Prices will be as follows for these services for Dr. Gruber and Dr. Wells:

New Patient/Initial Consultation: $250.00
1 Hour Follow Up: $160.00
45 Minute Follow Up: $120.00
30 Minute Follow Up: $80.00

Dr. Gruber and Dr. Wells are out-of-network providers. Upon request, invoices for services can be provided.

Prices will be as follows for these services for
Dr.Vallone, Dr. Faraneh, and Karen Peck:

New Patient/Initial Consultation $180
15 Minutes Adjustment, Soft Tissue or Craniosacral Therapy (CST) $55
30 minutes Adjustment, Soft Tissue, CST &/or Kinesiotaping $75
New Problem/Reevaluation & Treatment $100
Tongue Tie Initial Evaluation $180
Post-Revision Follow Up (exam & minimal treatment) $55
Post-Revision Follow Up (exam & extensive treatment) $75
Extensive Phone, Text, or Email Consultation $100/hr
Additional Reports $50
Pharmacy or other product Variable
Co-consult w/ Dr. Miela Gruber or Invited Guest $75-$100
Additional Services Practitioner’s discretion